MBT: Week 3


This week in the group we learnt about attachment. This means the bonds you make (or don’t make) with your caregivers as a child. We learnt about different types of attachment and the behaviours related to the different types. I won’t go into detail about those here, there is plenty of information about attachment available online for people interested in learning more 🙂

We talked about what the culture of our family was like in relation to emotions when we were growing up. For my family, I said that no one talked about their feelings. I’ve thought about it a bit more since, and I guess some people got to show some of their feelings, though they weren’t expressed vocally. My dad was very angry a lot of the time and I acted angry back. My mum used to sometimes cry and go upstairs to bed to lie down. I had forgotten about that until recently.


I talked to my individual therapist about being afraid of conflict and judgement from others in the group if I let go of my feelings or disagree with anyone.

I was able to be honest with my therapist that I worry about judgement from her and that is one of the things that makes it hard to talk in our sessions.


4 thoughts on “MBT: Week 3

  1. I completely understand this. I worry about what everyone thinks and particularly hide my mental health, even from therapists. It’s a very difficult hard exterior to crack.

  2. Exactly, I think so many of us have had to put up these walls to protect ourselves, it’s incredibly difficult to know when to keep them up and when to let people in. Sometimes even when I want to ‘let people in’ it’s like I don’t know how to. Thanks so much for your comment.

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