MBT Week 6: Final week of psychoeducation

So today’s group marks the end of the initial six week psychoeducational period, in which we have learnt the basics of MBT including what mentalising means, about anxiety and depression and attachment theory. This session focused on the rules of the group and what is expected of us.

Next week there is no group, there is a break, and the group following that will be our first proper session of MBT itself. I’m nervous, and they said today that there will be no table between us, which has filled me with dread. Like I said in the group today, the table is a bit of a security blanket for me. Everyone will be able to see my awkward body language now. Gah.

Today was a little tense but I found it okay. One of my fears for the group therapy is that I won’t get much chance to talk, I’m not as pushy as other people when it comes to trying to get a turn to speak. I wasn’t able to admit this in the group as I was worried that other people would be offended and think I was saying that they talk too much.

I will take that thought to my individual therapy on Thursday and perhaps it is something I can mention in the group when we reconvene.

One weird thing about today was that one of the therapists and two group members were missing, so we felt a bit thin on the ground. This really cemented the group guidelines we read today about committing to attend the sessions. It was clear that when people miss the group it does really change the atmosphere.


3 thoughts on “MBT Week 6: Final week of psychoeducation

  1. Sometimes admitting what we struggle with decreases the anxiety. The biggest problem I used to have attending groups, college or interviews, was that my nerves would completely clam up my ability to communicate. I found by admitting my nerves at the beginning really did help. It also gives the opportunity for you to explore exactly why you feel like that

    From experience, it is best to take your time settling into the group sessions. Even the talkative ones will have similar anxieties about revealing deeply personal issues. In my group therapy, out of 12, only 6 stayed the course.

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