Individual MBT Week 12

Today’s session was mostly taken up by me talking about my fear of coming out as non monogamous and gender questioning in the group.

I also brought up the issues from group this week. I talked about how the person saying that some people weren’t working as hard matched up with my own worries about what people were thinking of me, as well as my own worries that I’m not working hard enough in the group.

I don’t say much but it is hard work for me to be there and it is hard work to say the things that I do manage to say. I guess everyone is at their own stages with that.

My individual therapist encouraged me to share these thoughts with the person in next week’s group. I’ll see what I can do.


3 thoughts on “Individual MBT Week 12

  1. It always sounds to me like you are working hard in therapy. That doesn’t just include what you say or think in the group. No one can say that another is not working hard enough….how could they possible know – judgemental git!!

    • Yeah I think everyone’s working their asses off and sometimes it’s just hard for people to see that I guess. It made me feel so rubbish.

      • It is difficult, but try remember these other group members have their own issues and own agenda. Maybe that particular member is feeling he/she is not doing enough. Who knows, but try not let it get to you too much

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