I keep waking up from panicky dreams I don’t remember.

Yesterday I tried to socialise and I managed okay. I think I convinced everyone I’m alright. It was nice to see people again.

I forced myself to go out because I know isolating myself is bad for me in the long term. It has already been four weeks since I was in hospital.

I miss hospital sometimes. I hated it, but I miss the lack of responsibility and the safety. I miss not being solely responsible for trying to keep myself going. I am feeling so hopeless.

I laid awake for ages, going over and over the conversations I had with people. Wondering if I acted weird, if I offended anyone, how do I feel about people? Could they tell how I felt? Did I look odd?

Of course falling asleep through sheer exhaustion leads to nightmares. I crept along the hall into my partner’s bed in the middle of the night. “I’m scared”, I said, “I’m having nightmares”. And he gave me a cuddle, and eventually I managed to go back to sleep.

I had more bad dreams. I was confused when I was woken up this morning by his alarm, not mine.

I don’t have as much support at the moment as my social worker and occupational therapist are on annual leave. From next week my individual therapist will be away for three weeks. It’s daunting.


2 thoughts on “Nightmares

  1. I go over and over conversations in my head all the time. I even talk to myself about things when walking along the street and get a few odd looks from passers-by.

    I suffered vivid dreams for years before realising it was the antidepressants causing it. I used to love some of my dreams, but they were often unpleasant

    It is daunting not feeling supported. My Care Coordinator and OT are away from the Mental Health Team. I’ve been quite down this last wee while and could have done with one of them to moan too. You have US cyber-friends.

    Hope you’re bearing up

    • I am very grateful for you cyber friends. I’m sorry to hear you’re not feeling supported at the moment. I am trying to just get through each day, sometime each hour, half hour, five minutes even. We can do this. I hope we can do this.

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