Home from Hospital

Was discharged yesterday, thank goodness. I hate that place.

My individual MBT session yesterday was a weird one. Focused very much on trying to figure stuff out in my head rather than emotionally. It’s like I’m trying to reason through the emotional progress I (hopefully) made on Tuesday at group.

I had a really helpful meeting today with my occupational therapist. We have made a plan to keep my eating up and to get through the weekend. I’ll be seeing her again on Monday. I feel very lucky to have so much support.

I’m under home treatment team again and I was really anxious about that but the person that talked to me today was super nice so I’m a bit less worried and a bit more hopeful now.

Last night was difficult, I felt very anxious and sad but realised I was exhausted so I just took my sleeping tablet and put myself to bed. Other than some very bad anxious dreams I slept much better. When I woke up panicking I managed to listen to some music for an hour to try to calm myself down, and even went back to sleep for a little while.

This fight ain’t over.


2 thoughts on “Home from Hospital

  1. Reasoning through the emotional is good. It helps us make sense and heal.

    Having good support is invaluable. You are right, the fight aint over, but take your time. Rest and catch up with sleep. Have a “be kind to myself” weekend. Hope you feel better soon.

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