Something else

… To add to my last post.

I’ve just realised I haven’t even said what I wanted to say about this. That all these hospital visits were invasive. That they put things inside me and I didn’t know what they were doing and I was scared. Strangers would touch me at these appointments.

My body never felt like my own and it doesn’t now.

I wonder if it’s possible to find out my medical records from when I was a kid and know what they were doing and why?


2 thoughts on “Something else

  1. You can where I live, although I don’t really know how long hospitals maintain records, and it’s possible also that they’ve lost records in floods, fires, and human error. For hospitals and very large medical groups, usually the forms you need can be found online with some searching. For individual doctors, you might need to call them up and find out how to request your records. There is a small fee for photocopying. Hopefully, it is just as easy wherever you are.

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