Painful times

I haven’t updated as much lately because I’m finding things tough and to examine them seems even tougher.

I continue to restrict my food and to lose weight.

Group was hard this week, I had a disagreement with someone because they were making assumptions about people who aren’t parents. I desperately would like to have children at some point and felt very excluded by the way they were talking so I said so. This openness is new territory for me and I feel vulnerable and uncertain as a result.

Other things in my life aren’t going smoothly. I’m hitting bumps in every road just when I feel like I have very little resilience. I just feel like packing everything in and saying fuck you to the world right now.

Having said that, I’m still going to volunteering this afternoon and plan to see my occupational therapist tomorrow. I feel like I’ve stalled on looking for new volunteering work so I don’t have much to bring to the session and that worries me. She’s very supportive though so I’m hoping something good will come from our meeting anyway.


3 thoughts on “Painful times

  1. You have been facing so much lately, it’s hardly surprising you feel so weary at times. ( I wish I could listen to my own advice sometimes!). I hope the meeting went well….

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